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One of the best things about a job at Neuberger Berman is the diversity of its team. Currently, its staff is 41.4% female, 46.9% minorities, and 49.6% Democrats and Republicans. Most employees stay at the firm for about 5.4 years. The company also offers excellent compensation. A typical employee will earn around $113,152 per year. In contrast, other major financial firms pay their employees $108,975 annually.

In addition to offering great compensation and benefits, the company is known for its global reach. The firm has offices in 28 cities worldwide, and close to 20 percent of employees own 80 percent of the equity. It’s a relatively small company, but is big enough to provide exceptional returns. For this reason, a job at Neuberger Berman is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a career in financial services. This company is one of the best places to find a great job.

The company has over $242 billion in assets, and has offices in 25 countries. The company focuses on managing private, institutional and government clients, and is an excellent choice for financial advisors. Its employees are diverse, and many have backgrounds in finance, accounting, and other fields. While Neuberger Berman is a top choice for investment professionals, it’s also a good place to learn about the company’s mission.

Although Neuberger is a top choice for those seeking a career in investment management, the company is not perfect. The financial crisis changed the traditional mindset that investors have about what makes a good investment manager. Publicly traded managers must deliver growth for their stockholders and meet quarterly earnings targets. The holding company-owned money managers have struggled in the past few years due to their own parent company woes. These companies have also acquired smaller firms, promising to centralize their services while keeping managers autonomous.

A successful job at Neuberger Berman can be exciting and rewarding. Working with this company is a fantastic career choice for those who want to work in a global investment firm. If you are looking for a job in investment management, you’ll have the opportunity to work in San Francisco and help the company grow. With over $201 billion in assets under management, Neuberger is one of the most diverse companies in the industry.

The firm is an industry leader in providing insurance solutions, with more than 200 insurance companies as clients. The firm has an AUM of $437 billion. The company offers a wide variety of asset classes, including Private Placement, which has historically been dominated by insurance companies. Because it is an independent investment firm, its relationships with the industry are valuable for the team. The company’s long-standing relationships with these clients have made it a great choice for jobs at Neuberger.

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jobs at Neuberger Berman

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